Shoes & Accessories for the modern gentleman

Printed Socks

Printed Socks, for the attention to detail.

The Red Sox by Rede socks. An active Lombard company from 1938, offers a very special collection, in cotton or wool, dedicated to the modern gentleman. Printed socks, classic for those who do not want to give up elegance, but with an ironic touch given by themed prints, polka dots and colored stripes.


Shoe care

Shoe care products, Saphir Medaille d'or 1925

A selection of creams, detergents and polishes, from one of the historic companies that produce products for the care and conservation of shoes. We also have our kit, which contains two brushes, a cleaner cleaner, a cream, a polish and two brushes.


Hollow Molina Pipe


Elegant smoker

Born 20 years ago from the glorious Rossi Pipe, the internationally renowned brand of the early 900, Molina still uses today famous artisan craftsmen who build entirely the highest quality pipes by hand. Glamorous pieces defined by illustrious "cult" works in the pipe industry.


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