About us

About us

The Mirror Stage was born of 2014 by the passion of a transplant Milanese in Rome, Massimiliano Brini.

The idea: Make a Concept Store entirely dedicated to Man, where you can find a wide assortment of high quality Fashion shoes and many accessories.
The name: The Mirror Stage, or, The Session at the Mirror, in psychology is the moment when man takes self-awareness, recognizing his own Reflected Image.
The target: To offer the customer a unique, welcoming and elegant space to help him immerse himself in a Shoe Experience. We believe in the Customer Service.
The shoes: Our shoes are made to last. And they are always the best we find on the market. We only choose for you what convinces us in terms of Quality, Design, Sustainability and Glamor.
The accessories: Roof Pipe and Socks. At the moment. Stay tuned, will come a lot more ..
The Store: Designed by architect and photographer Cristina Fiorentini, it blends modernity items, handmade Unique pieces, vintage retrieval and Low Cost brand.
Ideas: In the 2017 we introduced in our assortment a clothing item, an Anorak by Hansen Garmets, based in Copenhagen. Always in the 2017 we decided to offer our customers a Vibram shoe concept for Furoshiki


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